SSRS and Google Chrome

SSRS 2012R2 and below do not display correctly in Google Chrome. The fix for this is to edit some of the files on the server as described in this StackOverflow question. What if, like me, you don’t have access to the server and your DBA team refuse to apply the fix because “Users only use Internet Explorer in this organisation”? Fix it client-side instead using a Chrome Add-in. There are various addins available to change the stylesheet of a website but I used Stylish.

Install Stylish from the Chrome store.

Go into options and click Write New Style.

Enter the stylesheet code:

    overflow: visible !important;

put the name of your 2012 report servers in the applies to bit and click Save.


The 2012 reports should now display.

For 2008 report servers change the stylesheet tag to #ctl31_ctl09

Good News everyone – Microsoft have rewritten the report viewer in 2016 to be html5 compliant so it should work in any browser!

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