Xmas Leftover Tart

In the cupboard after Christmas we had:

  • Half a Jar of Mincemeat
  • Half a bar of dark chocolate
  • Half a bar of milk chocolate
  • Half a pack of marzipan
  • half a pack of royal icing

So I decided to make it into a tart. First buy a tart case or a pack of shortcrust pastry and line a flan tin. Blind bake it for 10 minutes then spread with the mincemeat.

put in chucks of chocolate and a few chunks of the marzipan then shove in the oven at 180C for about 25 minutes until the pastry looks cooked.

Leave to cool for an hour

Roll out the marzipan and cut a big circle out of it. Put on top of tart.

Repeat with icing.


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